Klavuu Thailand

About Us

Clean beauty with science,

Clean skin with sustainable formulas

We believed that pure raw materials extracted from the natural resources of the sea would give us clean and clear skin. Obviously, it is true that clean raw materials have a good effect on myself and my skin. But we’ve learned that ‘Clean’ does not mean ‘Better’. We find more raw materials, not just simple cleanliness, but which are discarded naturally and containing much more active ingredients and add new value through upcycling. Plus, by adding a scientific perspective to natural ingredients brought from nature, the efficacy is maximized, and based on science, we will provide you with hardened cleanliness.

Unlike objects made by us, nature is influenced by various factors such as space, environment, and temperature. So, ingredients that come exclusively from nature cannot guarantee the stability of 100% ingredients. In order for ingredients from nature to have a stable effect, We need to find safe synthetic ingredients. In order for all efficacy can be scientifically proven, we will research, contemplate, and formulate the best ingredients, and create a safe and healthy synergy that cannot be seen anywhere else.

KLAVUU pursues a sustainable method for coexistence, rather than a method that harms nature, in order to extract raw materials that are said to have a good effect and to make cosmetics with excellent efficacy.
Creating the right product for your skin while protecting nature is not an easy task.
However, for the healthy coexistence of the earth and us, we will do our best to sustain the environment and us together for a long time in a way that does not damage nature or deplete natural resources in any of the raw materials, the raw material acquisition process, the package, and the container.